1. DIMA Studio Complex is located in Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts.

2. Those who traveling by car are recommended to use the Jungbu Expressway due to traffic congestion.

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Using the Gyeongbu Expressway (approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes):

Exit Anseong IC, turn right to Anseong and Janghowon direction, and go to the school by using National Highway 38 (Approx. 20km and 20 minutes)

Using the Jungbu Expressway (Approx. 1 hour 10 minutes):

Exit at Ijuk IC, turn right to Anseong and Pyeongtaek direction, and use National Highway 38 (Apporx. 12 km and 10 minutes)

Seoul Gungnae-dong [Gyeongbu] IC ↔ Iljuk IC (About 1 hour):

Go through Gungnae-dong IC of Gyeongbu Expressway and enter into Gangneung and Wonju direction of Yeongdong Expressway, Enter Daejeon direction of Jungbu Expressway (downward direction) at Hobeop junction of Yeongdong Expressway, Iljuk IC